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Getting a Shipment of Wine from Laithwaite

Laithwaite Wine Club and Southwest Airlines Credit Card

In this article I’m going to write about the Laithwaite Wine Club. How I got involved with it and my experience with it so far.

I’m a holder of a Southwest Airlines Credit Card (annual fee $99 for the Premier card) and whenever I use my card I get airline miles. Since I love Southwest Airlines it works very well for me. Southwest routinely sends me special offers in the mail (and by email too). About a month before Christmas (such good timing right?) Southwest sent me an offer to join the Laithwaite Wine Club. For $69 (+$20 shipping and handling and taxes) I would receive 15 bottles of wine and 2000 ‘Rapid Rewards Points’ (miles).

Given that I love wine even more than I love airlines miles this seemed like a great deal. So I sent in my check (!), by mail (!), and within two weeks I’d received a shipment of wine at my doorstep courtesy of FedEx. I didn’t have to sign for it or anything, it was just left on my doorstep. I live in a safe neighborhood with few neighbors so that’s fine for my situation.

The Shipment

The box was just large enough for my 15 bottles of wine (12 premium bottles and 3 free bottles of Malbec) and hard, wine-shaped cardboard for the top and bottom of the wines. Until I got my wine rack setup in fact I was able to just keep the wines sitting in the cardboard box for a few weeks because it was so secure.

A New Account

I didn’t intend to sign up for regular wine shipments but apparently I’m now included in a list, and I have an account. However, it looks like I can postpone shipments as often as I like, so I’m not roped into buying wine every three months if I don’t want to. And I can rate the wines they send me online, so they will presumably send me more wines similar to the one’s I like, or more the exact same wine in future orders. Since I really only like red wines, there is an added benefit that I can choose to receive only red wines.

The Taste of the Wine and My Favorites

The most important quality of all about a wine shipment however, is of course, the taste! How were the wines?

Really, really good. Every wine I’ve tried has been at least above average, but the majority of them so far have been really spectacular. The free Malbecs were average, and maybe even a little below average however. But then, they were free, so I don’t hold that against them too much. My favorites, thus far:

  1. Cabalie MMXV (2014 Vintage)
  2. Giesta Dao (2014)
  3. Shroud Mountain (2014)
  4. Vecciano (2012)


I will continue to give Laithwaite my business for now. So far I really like their quick service, convenient online account management and features, and delicious wines.

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