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Promote your ebook on Facebook

Promote your eBook in the Facebook Groups

Once you’ve published your ebook on Amazon and promoted it on the websites listed here your next step is to promote your book on Facebook Groups. You’ll have to find and join them all before you can post. You can usually promote your book as many days a you like, just make sure you read and follow the rules of the group to which you’re posting. For example, if your book is only free for five days (using KDP select for example) then you can only post on the free ebooks groups on the days it’s free. Make sense?


Here’s a comprehensive list of Facebook Groups, that are FREE to use, and that allow promotions:

  1. I’d Rather be Writing
  2. Free Books
  3. Free Kindle Books
  4. Free E-Books
  5. Free Today on Amazon
  6. Kindle Unlimited Readers and Authors
  7. Ebooks on Amazon
  8. Kindle Unlimited – Free Reads (Kindle Unlimited only)
  9. Kindle – Non-Fiction (non-fiction only)
  10. Writer’s Group
  11. Book Kitten
  12. Todays Free Kindle E-Books
  13. Book Place
  14. Indie Books Promotion!
  15. Kindle Freebies I found Today!
  16. Budget Books
  17. Creative Writers Hangout
  18. Amazon Book and Ebook Readers
  19. Self-Publishing and Book Marketing
  20. Authors Giving it Away: Freebies
  21. Free Kindle and Nook Ebooks for Readers
  22. Free Kindle Books Group
  23. Books
  24. Kindle Reading Club
  25. Kindle Readers around the World
  26. Creative Book Promotions
  27. Kindle Publishers
  28. Book Nook Cafe
  29. Indie Writer Book & Self Promotion
  30. Good Reads
  31. Amazon Kindle Free Books
  32. Kindle Unlimited Free Fiction (Fiction and Kindle Unlimited only)
  33. I Love Indie Books
  34. Free Kindle EBooks

Don’t see a Facebook Group listed on here that should be here? Drop me a comment below. Thanks!

Promote your ebook

Promote your Ebook on Websites that Promote Ebooks

Once you’ve written your ebook and published it on Kindle you’ll want to promote it. Most of the free promotion sites require your book to be free or 99 cents. It’s a good idea to take care of the KDP select 5 day free promotion anyway, and when you do you can promote your book in all of the following locations.

It’s a good idea to submit your site to these websites at least two weeks before your free promo runs. I recommend giving them as much as a month of advance notice to ensure your book is featured on the dates you prefer.

Websites I Recommend:

  1. Freebooksy Editorial Submissions
  2. Free on Kindle Listing
  3. Kindle Book Promos: Submit KDP Free Days
  4. Submit your book to the daily FREEBIE Book Page
  5. eReaderGirl: Free ebook Submission
  6. eBookStamp: Request a Spot on the Ebook Stamp Page
  7. eBookASaurus: Submit your free ebook
  8. Submit your book to AwesomeGang
  9. Ignite your Book: Free eBook Submission
  10. The Book Circle: Submit Free Kindle Ebook Listing
  11. OHFB: Book Promotion Notice